Why the Keyboard Commando medal?

Anyone, be they active duty or veteran, who follows military fan pages, has undoubtedly run into pics of that hard charger who just had to take a pic with their weapon slung across their chest, while in cammies of course.  Then you scroll thru the comments and you see the most fearless and ass kicking replies, replies of replies, and replies of replies of replies, to non-military people on the thread. You know, demanding to be thanked for their service, and then you run into somebody in the comments who you actually know and serve(d) with, trying to be a hard ass and representing themselves as a hired gun like "bitch, you work in water filtration, you run a 3rd class PFT, u can't do but 5 pull-ups and nobody likes you."

There's nothing wrong with being proud of what you do. Serve your country with pride and distinction. However, at the same time don't be a dick to people on the 'Gram just because they never had the desire to serve. You did, and you should be thanked and appreciated, just try not to over do it.

To those who fit this profile, we present this medal. 

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