Why BlueFalconAwards?

Ok I'm new at blogging so don't expect too much....

I made these products because I see a lot of veteran owned websites making shirts, hats and not much else. Although those products are incredible, I wanted to do something a bit different. So, I made my products out of metal instead that truly does reflect enlisted life at the junior level. It wasn't easy and took up way too much time, but to see the realized versions of my ideas is incredible and have been well received by everyone who sees them. They are in every way exactly like the real, authorized insignias that they mock, down to the dimensions, color, patterns, and metals, etc.

So get one for your friend or family member who recently enlisted. They will have the most unique gift to show off. They are great talking pieces. They have amazing quality and detail because they are made by the same company that makes all of Disney's keychains. So thanks to everyone who buys or who at least tells someone else about the site.

Kevin Bradford, USMC (Founder of BFA)

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