My question is "Why the hell not?" Here at Blue Falcon Awards, we celebrate the worst among us with the best award for doing such a shitty job.

Enter our legendary shooting badges. We made them with a hint of irony and sarcasm.

Marines are fond of the mantra "Every Marine a Rifleman". That goes without say if you're 03XX, but before you're a cook, Crash Fire rescue, Admin Personnel, etc... you are a rifleman first. I'm sure there is something similar in the Army. For Marines it's ingrained into you at bootcamp.

Which is why, wait for it... it's frickin' epically hilarious when even after weeks of sighting in and plenty of practice on the range, some just can't seem to hit the target. You have one job! Not true...you did manage to hit the berm... There are 3 classes of rifle badges across the branches: Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman. Well, we didn't think that was enough to quite capture how awesome or horrible you or someone you know is behind the iron sights. From RIFLE GOD to RIFLE UNQ'D, I'm sure you know someone who deserves one of these most unique and exclusive shooting badges ever produced. So grab yours today because afterall...Trolling is caring. 


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