Not Approved for Uniform use by the DOD.

Trust me when i say I know the urge to wanna wear these ranks on your uniform, but as long as you know the potential consequences and can handle any flack that comes your way as a result, then wear at your own risk and have fun. Officially, I got to tell you NOT to do it. Personally, I have worn my ranks when I was still the Marine Corps. Got caught handful of times. But nothing came out of them due to my insane ability to bullshit my way out of trouble.

QUESTION: If you do get caught wearing our rank, how much trouble would you actually be in? I mean, it's not like you are impersonating another rank, as if you put on Captain bars and started hazing boots or some shit. 

Please be careful if you're gonna risk your rank for a few laughs, which is why we do it, because military life can be pretty freaking dull at times, so if we made you laugh, we did our job and it's our pleasure. 


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