Welcome to, the most unique site anywhere for unique military gear! Before I go any further I want all of you to know I myself am a veteran, I did my 4 years in the U.S Marine Corps from 2017 to 2021. I love my Corps and for the most part it was an awesome experience, other than all the F*ck F*ck games. I seen some cool things and did some cool stuff but I never felt the urge to re-enlist. I was an armorer stationed in Hawaii (Ik... super pog) So, to all of my fellow military vets and those still on active or reserve duty, this site is meant for you guys as a way to laugh at all the crazy sh*t that happens to you while serving. 

The stuff on this site is meant to be funny and not at all to be taken as an insult. There's a little something for every branch. One would probably have to have spent time on active duty to fully appreciate the humor on this site anyways. So if you get offended easily, take your feelings and move on. Our products are made of the highest grade metals, with the highest degree of detail. You will not be disappointed.


-Richard Recio