Monkey from the coconut grove Cadence

Up jumped the monkey from the coconut grove

he was a mean mother fucker, you could tell by his clothes.

He wore a two button ditty,and a three button stitch

he was a loud mouth-mother fuckin,son of a bitch!

He lined a hundred women, up against the wall

and bet anyone, he could fuck them all.

He fucked 98 till his balls turn blue,

Then he backed off, jacked off, and fucked the other two!!!


(Insert friends name) was a hell of a man!

Walked through the bar with his cock in his hand!

Shit on the table and pissed on the floor.

Then wiped his ass with a "44."

Lined a hundred women up against the wall.

Bet a hundred bucks he could fuck them all.

Fucked 98 till his cock turned blue.

Up-chucked, jammed up, fucked the other two.

When he died he went to hell.

Fucked the devil's wife and his daughter as well.

On his grave stone it read in green:

Here lies a human FUCKING MACHINE

Click Here To See A FULL Collection of USARMY Cadences. Most of them aren't banned but it'll give ya some extra material to learn to fill in on the boring runs.

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